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Francophonie: Ministerial Conference draws up a resolution on good governance

Francophonie: Ministerial Conference draws up a resolution on good governance

Paru le mardi, 07 novembre 2023 17:43

The International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) recently published the resolution on good governance drawn up during the 44th session of the Ministerial Conference of La Francophonie, held last weekend in Yaoundé. In this document, the ministers present at the conference express their apprehension regarding "the evident deterioration of good governance practices within the French-speaking world, particularly manifested by the erosion of constitutional order, the escalation of insecurity resulting from terrorism, armed factions, and civil strife, the exacerbation of poverty underscored by underdevelopment and unequal resource access, as well as the repercussions of climate change."

Indeed, through this resolution on good governance, the Francophonie seeks to reaffirm its dedication to fostering political stability, economic and social prosperity, and cultural influence across the French-speaking world. Notably, the document formulated in Yaoundé highlights various commitments previously made by the OIF, including the Bamako Declaration of 2000, which aimed to strengthen democracy and uphold the rule of law in Francophone nations.

Congo Basin

Indeed, the Bamako Declaration emphasizes the inseparable link between Francophonie and democracy, underlining that the advancement of the Francophone endeavor hinges on continual strides toward democracy and its effective implementation. It underscores the Francophonie's prioritization of democratic engagement, emphasizing the need for tangible proposals and accomplishments to solidify this commitment in action.

The resolution on good governance suggests that to address poverty, "La Francophonie [should] leverage distinctive assets to strengthen its economic foundation, including its network of universities, its economic, cultural, and demographic significance and potential, its vibrant and engaged youth, and the strategic resources it possesses abundantly."

Concerning climate change, the document affirms "the importance of preserving ecosystems and biodiversity, underlining that the Congo Basin rainforest, with its 3 million km² shared between 6 member states of the Francophonie, is the second largest tropical forest massif, one of the main carbon sinks and an ecological lung for the planet."

Michel Ange Nga

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