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Cameroon’s govt launches recruitment of 3,000 teachers

Cameroon’s govt launches recruitment of 3,000 teachers

Paru le lundi, 07 novembre 2022 13:53

The Cameroonian government is planning a new recruitment of 3,000 teachers to serve the nursery and primary education sector. According to the order co-signed by Joseph Le, the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra), and Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, the Minister of Basic Education (Minedub), the selection test will take place next December 10 in the capital cities of all ten regions of the country.

Applicants will submit their files in the region where the training school they have chosen is located. "The selection test is open to anyone who holds the Capiemp (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude of Nursery and Primary Education Teachers, ed) 2017 and holders of previous Capiemb, having taken part or not in previous phases of the recruitment program," the order reads.

As a reminder, the government initiated since 2019, as part of a special recruitment program, to select 3,000 teachers per year. The goal is to increase the student-teacher ratios across the country to 95% by 2023, from 43% in 2019.


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