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Cameroon: Grain deficit estimated at over 15,000 tons in 2022

Cameroon: Grain deficit estimated at over 15,000 tons in 2022

Paru le lundi, 08 mai 2023 14:38

Official data from the agriculture department revealed that last year, there was a grain deficit of 15,249 tons in the Far North region of Cameroon. The Logone-et-Chari department accounted for 58,044 tons of the deficit, followed by Mayo Tsanaga with 24,684 tons and Mayo Danay with 23,400 tons.

"The department of Mayo Sava, although affected by floods, has a positive cereal balance of more than 1,400 tons. Unfortunately, because of massive grain exports to neighboring countries, this department remains exposed to food insecurity," explained Minister Gabriel Mbaïrobe.

The Minister blamed this weak performance on the “sharp increase in the prices of inputs (mainly fertilizers) and phytosanitary products following the war in Ukraine; the flooding episodes that took place in the Far North and North regions in August 2022 and the sudden ending of rains in the southern part of our country”. The attacks by armyworm and grain-eating birds, and the destruction of thousands of hectares of plantations by elephants, were also cited by the official.

The almost permanent cereal deficit in the Far North region of Cameroon makes this region one of the most exposed to food insecurity. The agriculture ministry forecasts that between June and August 2023, many people in the Far North will enter a food crisis phase. "For the period from June to August 2023, projections indicate that the food and nutrition situation will remain satisfactory in 39 departments, while 19 departments will be under pressure with a relatively acceptable food situation. During this period, although the northern regions will be in the lean season, all of the regions in the southern zone will enter the harvest period, which will result in food availability for households. In the end, nine departments in the Northwest and Far North regions will enter the food crisis phase”.


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