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Douala: Mayor Mbassa Ndine launches Decibel Level Checks to Combat Noise Pollution

Douala: Mayor Mbassa Ndine launches Decibel Level Checks to Combat Noise Pollution

Paru le vendredi, 08 septembre 2023 14:12

"Teams from the Douala urban community, backed up by security forces,  will henceforth carry out check compliance with decibel levels authorized by enforceable regulations day and night.”  The decision issued by Roger Mbassa Ndinè, mayor of the city of Douala, was reported in a press release issued last August 4.  

According to the release, the decision was prompted by numerous complaints lodged with the mayoral office and the fact that the city is becoming increasingly noisy, with foul smells adding to the mix. 

Despite the Prime Minister's decree of August 23, 2011, regulating noise and odor nuisance, and the city mayor's order of July 17, 2023, concerning the fight against such nuisance, the phenomenon persists, according to the release. So, the city official reminds the public that such nuisances affect health and can cause serious illnesses. 

According to Article 9 of the Prime Minister's decree, buildings, structures, and lands exposed to nuisances like industrial and noise pollution, which are likely to harm public health or local cultural values should not be close to residential areas. But bars, entertainment places, and churches are established near residential areas. In the case of churches, some of them hold noisy worship services that lead neighbors to complain about noise pollution. So, the mayor has his eyes set on such places. 


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