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Cameroon Over 5,000 tons of plastic packaging seized in 2023 (Minepded)

Cameroon Over 5,000 tons of plastic packaging seized in 2023 (Minepded)

Paru le vendredi, 08 décembre 2023 15:06

Cameroonian authorities seized 5,042.75 tons of non-compliant plastic packaging in 2023, Minister of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED) Helé Pierre told the National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee last November. 

In 2012, Cameroon issued a ban on the manufacturing, importing, possessing, and distributing of non-biodegradable plastic packaging under 60 microns. This decision, effective April 2014, aligned with Cameroon's international commitments to environmental protection.

However, authorities lament the persistent influx of non-biodegradable plastic packaging illegally imported from neighboring countries and concealed by some local producers. Environmentalists argue that the sole punishment of "seizure and destruction of non-biodegradable packaging at the promoter's expense" is insufficiently harsh, hindering the law's enforcement.

Plastic constitutes about 10% of the six million tons of daily waste generated in Cameroon, according to official statistics. Nearly all plastic packaging escapes collection, ending up in the environment, where it contaminates land and water. This pollution poses a significant threat to marine species and livestock, often leading to their death through ingestion.


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