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Douala Mobilizes for Cleanliness

Douala Mobilizes for Cleanliness

Paru le mardi, 09 janvier 2024 10:47

In a bid to combat unsanitary conditions and restore cleanliness, 300 women leaders in Douala pledged their support for the Douala Clean City program on January 8. The initiative, launched by Mayor Roger Mbassa Ndine last October, has already seen success in mobilizing young schoolchildren.

The ongoing program, backed by Douala’s municipal executive and a budget of one billion CFA Franc, kicked off with a comprehensive awareness campaign supported by the city’s administrative authorities, including Littoral Governor Samuel Ivaha Diboua.

Responsibility for raising awareness in each district falls to the mayor’s deputies. Posters discouraging poor garbage management practices are now a common sight throughout the city. The program views garbage collection as a critical component of its mission. The mayor’s office believes that if residents adopt better practices, the city will reap the benefits.

To encourage this, the mayor’s office is distributing garbage can bags and has warned of fines for those who do not comply with the new cleanliness standards.

Michel Ange Nga

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