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Bruno Bidjang Arrested by Gendarmerie After Video Urging Cameroonians to “protest”

Bruno Bidjang Arrested by Gendarmerie After Video Urging Cameroonians to “protest”

Paru le vendredi, 09 février 2024 12:32

Bruno Bidjang has been held since February 7, in a cell of the Secretary of State for Defense in charge of the National Gendarmerie (SED) in Yaoundé. The journalist, General Manager of Groupe l'Anecdote media, and a well-known figure on the Vision 4 TV channel was "questioned for most of yesterday", according to a source close to him. Very little is known about the reasons for his incarceration. When contacted, his lawyer Charles Tchoungang declined to comment.

Bruno Bidjang was arrested a few days after publishing a video in which he criticized Cameroonians for being more concerned with "buzz" stories than with issues that affect their daily lives. His comments came in the wake of the government's decision to raise fuel prices on February 2. The journalist called on Cameroonians to "protest". A call which, according to many, led to his arrest.

However, in two press releases, the l'Anecdote media group, to which Vision 4 belongs and which employs Bruno Bidjang, warns its journalists against outbursts that "undermine republican institutions". "Consequently, the group dissociates itself from any individual who makes a statement contrary to this state", writes the head of the communications division of Groupe l'Anecdote. For his part, the group's managing director has issued a memo forbidding all staff from "making analyses, comments or simply giving their opinion on current affairs, on their social networks".

However, other sources claim that the journalist was arrested for other reasons unrelated to his outing.

A year ago, Bruno Bidjang was arrested in connection with the murder of journalist Martinez Zogo. He was arrested in the wake of his boss, businessman Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, who was suspected by investigators of being one of the masterminds behind Martinez Zogo's murder.

Bruno Bidjang, who was also suspected of a role in the murder, was released a few weeks later, without any judicial justification for his release.


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