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Cameroon govt set new strategy against cybercrime

Cameroon govt set new strategy against cybercrime

Paru le vendredi, 10 février 2023 04:08

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (Minpostel) yesterday launched an initiative to train student peer educators who will disseminate anti-cybercrime messages among their peers.

Minette Libom Li Likeng (pictured) explained that the initiative aims to strengthen the capacity of students to adopt civic attitudes regarding the responsible use of the Internet and social media. The program is part of the government’s ongoing national campaign to promote cybersecurity, which was launched after President Paul Biya, during his speech to the nation on December 31, 2021, noted that deviant practices were increasing on the Internet.

In November 2022, Minpostel has organized a forum to discuss the matter with students and raise their awareness on the dangers of cybercrime. 800 students, recruited in 20 higher education institutions in Yaoundé were therefore appointed peer educators. These are the ones who are participating in the training sessions launched by the Minpostel on February 8.

Let's note that Minpostel has already appointed goodwill ambassadors among athletes, administrative executives, artists, etc.

Michel Ange Nga 

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