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Covid-19: Women are more eager to get vaccinated than men in Cameroon, survey finds

Covid-19: Women are more eager to get vaccinated than men in Cameroon, survey finds

Paru le lundi, 10 mai 2021 15:14

Women are much more eager to get vaccinated against Covid-19 than men in Cameroon. This is the result of a Covid-19 vaccine acceptability survey published by the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) on April 25, 2021.  The survey was conducted between March 1 and 6, 2021 by the EPI, on a sample of 1,208 people in all 10 regions.

According to the result, only 36% of men are willing to be vaccinated compared to 42.9% of women. Also, 50.7% of the surveyed population agreed to the introduction of a Covid-19 vaccine in the country.

Similarly, respondents were more reluctant to recommend the vaccine to a family member or acquaintance. Also, more over-50 (41.2%) people want to get vaccinated than those in the 21-49 age group (38.6% of them want to get vaccinated).

The main reason prompting reluctance, according to respondents, is concerns over the effectiveness of such vaccines. The second is the respondents’ trust in traditional medicine. In fact, 48% of the respondents claimed they were more confident in traditional medicines than in Covid-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, "vaccination intent is not significantly different in people with comorbidities compared to those without comorbidities," the survey found out.


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