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Civil service: The Minfopra has no “easy “ admission network, Minister Lé warns

Civil service: The Minfopra has no “easy “ admission network, Minister Lé warns

Paru le lundi, 10 juillet 2023 16:53

Minister of Public Service Joseph Lé (photo) has been warning the general public against shady dealings since the launch of administrative competitions counting for the year 2023. He particularly warns citizens against scammers who promise users would succeed in those exams provided they pay a “token.”  

"Unscrupulous individuals are multiplying dubious schemes to scam [...] citizens,” reads an alert issued by the government official. 

The alert points out that an unidentified imposter is impersonating Joseph Lé, on Whatsapp,  to sell civil service admission “slots.” 

On state radio CRTV, Joseph Lé addressed such impersonation informing that there is no network at the Minfopra (Ministry of Public Service) to guarantee admission to the civil service with pay. Nor has the Minfopra created one, he added. 

The government official also called on candidates and parents to exercise caution in order not to be deceived. "I have learned that they have started to scam young people and their parents by asking them for money, supposedly to facilitate their tasks and ensure easy admission," Joseph Lé concluded.

As a reminder, the recruitment plan for the state civil service includes 2,685 positions this year. Minister Joseph Lé has already signed 48 decrees while stating that all candidates have an equal chance of success.

Michel Ange Nga

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