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UPC seeks unity ahead of 2025 elections: Bafoussam talks crucial

UPC seeks unity ahead of 2025 elections: Bafoussam talks crucial

Paru le jeudi, 11 janvier 2024 11:26

The town of Bafoussam, located in the West region, is set to host the second phase of the "least common denominator" initiative. This initiative, led by Henriette Ekwe, aims to prepare the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon (UPC) for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections in 2025. The initiative was conceived in response to the UPC's disappointing performance in the February 2020 local elections, where all candidate lists from various factions were eliminated by the administration.

Ekwe's proposal involves coordinating all factions to create consensual candidate lists for the 2025 elections. A designation model, which empowers grassroots members to decide which lists to present, is currently under consideration. However, this model must satisfy all factions, a goal that is yet to be achieved.

The first phase, an informal meeting held in Douala on December 9, failed to unite all factions. Notably absent was the group led by former MP Robert Bapooh Lipot. UPC executive Michel Eclador Pekoua, a close associate of Ekwe, remains hopeful that the next phase in Bafoussam will yield more positive results. The final phase, scheduled for April 10 in Yaoundé to coincide with the party's anniversary, is hoped to result in a definitive consensus.

Michel Ange Nga

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