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Adamoua: BIR Unit Rescue 10 hostages after month-long ordeal

Adamoua: BIR Unit Rescue 10 hostages after month-long ordeal

Paru le lundi, 11 mars 2024 12:02

The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) freed 10 hostages in the Adamaoua region on March 7 following a month in captivity, state media Cameroon Tribune reported on Friday.

The hostages were reportedly abducted in the areas of Mbé, Nganha, and Touboro. Their kidnappers had demanded a “hefty” ransom, the Cameroon Tribune said.

The rescue operation, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Kounaka, commander of the 5th BIR, was executed around 11 am in cooperation with a vigilance committee. Several kidnappers were neutralized, and war weapons, ammunition, amulets, and flashlights were confiscated.

Ransom kidnappings are frequent in Adamaoua, with herders often being the primary targets of criminal groups in the region. Despite sporadic resistance, local and national authorities maintain that the situation is under control, largely due to the vigilance committees composed of civilian scouts assisting the soldiers.


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