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Customs Chief  Nuvaga Reinforces Ban on Value-Based Vehicle Seizures

Customs Chief Nuvaga Reinforces Ban on Value-Based Vehicle Seizures

Paru le lundi, 11 mars 2024 14:07

Fongod Edwin Nuvaga, Director General of Cameroon Customs, has prohibited vehicle seizures based solely on disputed valuations at roadside checks. The directive was issued in a March 7 memo, sent to sector heads and zone coordinators of the Halcomi 3, the special mission aimed at curbing illicit trades. 

The memo, reviewed by SBBC, expresses Nuvaga’s concern that some customs officials continue to seize vehicles on the basis that their taxable values have been incorrectly determined, despite a directive issued on October 25, 2022, by the delegated supervisor general of Halcomi III prohibiting such actions.

Since October 2022, control teams have been instructed to prioritize contraband over value-related issues when seizing vehicles. Customs officers are required to use the Cosmos application to verify that imported vehicles have cleared customs. In cases of uncertainty, vehicle references should be forwarded to the Customs Investigation and Surveillance Division for further assessment and action.

Nuvaga’s memo indicates that this procedure is not being adhered to by customs officers. To address these operational issues, which he says lead to unhealthy practices and damage the reputation of the customs administration, Nuvaga has urged his colleagues to ensure strict compliance with the memo by all personnel under their authority.

In 2021, the customs administration launched the Cosmos application, which allows the customs status of vehicles imported into Cameroon to be checked in real-time in the Cameroon Customs Information System (Camcis) database by entering the chassis number.

The introduction of this application has reportedly led to an increase in customs revenue. In 2020, revenue collected from vehicle imports was around $108 million (over XAF64 billion at current dollar value). In 2021, following the launch of Cosmos, this revenue stream generated approximately $209 million (over XAF125 billion FCFA at current dollar value), according to customs statistics.

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