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Bertoua Governor prescribes crime response plan to protect people

Bertoua Governor prescribes crime response plan to protect people

Paru le vendredi, 12 janvier 2024 14:40

East Cameroon Governor Grégoire Mvongo convened an emergency meeting Tuesday to address a surge in motorcycle taxi driver murders in Bertoua and surrounding areas, the state television reported.

The meeting comes amid growing concern over the violence, with estimates suggesting "15 to 30 mototaxi drivers are murdered every week by lawless men" in the region, according to public television. The influx of Central African refugees fleeing violence in their homeland is seen as a contributing factor.

Mvongo met with local officials, security forces, and representatives of motorcycle taxi unions to find solutions to the "rampant phenomenon." The meeting resulted in an emergency response plan aimed at reassuring both the public and drivers.

One key recommendation is the "systematic" installation of GPS trackers on motorcycles. A tracking service provider present at the meeting reported recovering nearly 200 stolen motorcycles in Bertoua using this technology over the past two years.

This is not the first time the East Cameroon government has tackled mototaxi driver safety. In 2019, Governor Mvongo established a vigilance committee in Bertoua after drivers protested a string of murders. He also briefly restricted motorcycle traffic at night in an attempt to curb crime.


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