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Cameroon Investigates Potential Bedbug Outbreak in Yaoundé, Issues Preventive Measures

Cameroon Investigates Potential Bedbug Outbreak in Yaoundé, Issues Preventive Measures

Paru le mardi, 12 décembre 2023 15:33

Cameroonian authorities are investigating a potential bedbug infestation in the Briqueterie district of Yaoundé, following reports of increased cases in the community. While not yet declaring an epidemic, the Ministry of Public Health (Minsante) is urging residents to take precautionary measures.

In a recent press release, Minsante Minister Malachie Manaouda confirmed ongoing investigations to verify the reports. He recommended several preventive measures for the public. They include avoiding placement of bags on floors, beds, or under beds. Instead, bags should be placed on pre-inspected luggage racks and closed when not in use; and also clothing should thoroughly be inspected before placing them on beds or storing them in wardrobes.

Minister Manaouda also advises washing newly purchased clothes in boiling hot water and encourages maintaining uncluttered spaces to minimize potential hiding spots for bedbugs. The Minister further recommends that individuals returning from trips thoroughly inspect their clothing and personal belongings.

The government is treating this alert seriously, particularly given the reported resurgence of bedbugs in various countries globally. However, the government's precautionary measures are not solely in response to international trends. The Ministry of Public Health (Minsante) emphasizes that bedbugs can cause allergies and psychological effects, underscoring the need for proactive measures to address the situation.

Michel Ange Nga

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