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Artificial intelligence: 39% of Africans have already used ChatGPT, We Are Tech survey reveals

Artificial intelligence: 39% of Africans have already used ChatGPT, We Are Tech survey reveals

Paru le mercredi, 13 septembre 2023 18:31

A survey unveiled on Tuesday, September 12 by We Are Tech reveals that 39% of Africans have already used ChatGPT, US company OpenAI’s  AI-powered chatbot launched in late November 2022.  According to the survey, 8% of the respondents claim to use the chatbot daily. 

The tool is considered a revolution in the digital world but, sentiments about it are shared. Some see it as an opportunity while others consider it a threat. 

The survey was carried out online between September 4 and 7, 2023 by We Are Tech, a news website –operated by Agence Ecofin and Orange– covering digitalization in Africa. The survey looked at how African Internet users perceive and use digital technology daily. One of the findings is that most of those surveyed don't seem seduced by the idea of acquiring or investing in cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey results, 63% of Internet users have no interest in digital currencies. However, 9% already own a wallet, and 25% are considering opening one. The survey also shows that Africans are becoming more inclined to use social networks, online media, and financial services (mobile money and fintech). The survey notes, however, the "significant breakthrough" of e-commerce, e-admin, e-education, and even AI in digital uses on the continent.

Respondents believe that there are still obstacles to African digitalization, the main ones being high costs, poor connectivity, and a lack of promotion of new services. When asked in which sectors the government should encourage digital innovation the most, they mentioned administration, education, and agriculture. These three sectors come well ahead of trade, transport, and security.

Patricia Ngo Ngouem

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