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Gabon seeks training agreement with Cameroon for its civil servants and students

Gabon seeks training agreement with Cameroon for its civil servants and students

Paru le lundi, 13 novembre 2023 19:35

The Gabonese government wants to improve the professionalism and performance of its civil servants. For that purpose, the country is eying a training agreement with Cameroon to get its students and civil servants trained at the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), Cameroon’s prestigious school that trains top civil servants. The agreement was discussed during an audience granted by Joseph Le, Minister of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra), to Paul Patrick Biffot, Gabon's High Commissioner to Cameroon, on November 9.

"The meeting I had with the Minister focused on scrutinizing the details of implementing this agreement among the different schools in both countries. The aim is to broaden participation beyond civil servants nominated by their administrations to include students who engage in the annual competitive exams, with the prospect of their subsequent entry into the Civil Service," the Gabonese diplomat told public radio CRTV, following his audience with the Minfopra.

The matter of diploma issuance was also discussed. It was revealed that ENAM presently provides only certificates. Although this doesn't pose an issue for civil servants, it becomes problematic for students as the Gabonese administration does not acknowledge certificates. The diplomat suggests that having a diploma would be beneficial for the students.

This agreement should enable Cameroon's ENAM and Gabon's National School of Administration to consolidate their cooperation amid the ongoing administrative reform in Gabon. Since 1959, ENAM has been training civil servants in the administrative, financial, and judicial services of the State, the judiciary, and Parliament (initial and continuing training). It also provides training for executives from ministries in neighboring countries (Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Chad, etc.).


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