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Yaoundé: Campaign aims to educate students on chimpanzee conservation

Yaoundé: Campaign aims to educate students on chimpanzee conservation

Paru le mercredi, 14 février 2024 13:13

Deforestation, poaching, and zoonotic diseases pose significant threats to primate populations. Over the past three decades, West African chimpanzees have faced a staggering decline, with 75% of their population disappearing. Presently, there are fewer than 450,000 chimpanzees worldwide, with a mere 3,500 estimated to remain in Cameroon alone. These alarming figures have prompted the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to list chimpanzees as endangered species.

In response to this crisis, Papaye International, a dedicated association committed to the preservation of chimpanzees, is launching a series of initiatives on February 19th in Yaoundé. These activities, which include games, quizzes, and documentaries, aim to raise public awareness about the plight of these magnificent creatures.

The primary focus of these endeavors is to educate students, particularly those from the Marfée Marie Claire Noah school complex and the Lycée Français Fustel de Coulanges, about chimpanzees. With humans and chimpanzees sharing 98% of their DNA, the association believes young minds must understand their connection to these primates. Additionally, the initiative seeks to instill in them the "right gestures and reflexes" to employ when encountering an injured, sick, or captive-protected wild animal.

According to Papaye International, knowledge is key to protection. By integrating lessons on environmental conservation from an early age, French schools aim to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature. As such, sharing knowledge about the importance of preserving chimpanzees is deemed essential.

Despite being a protected species in Cameroon, chimpanzees continue to be hunted for bushmeat. Papaye International aims to challenge this perception by raising awareness among the population, urging them to view chimpanzees as precious and rare beings worthy of respect and protection.

Through their awareness campaigns, the association hopes to inspire both adults and children to recognize the value of chimpanzees as national treasures. Ultimately, they aspire to cultivate a generation of caregivers who are committed to safeguarding the future of these remarkable creatures.


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