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Cameroon's Military Might: Ranking Lower Than Regional Peers, Despite Strong Potential

Cameroon's Military Might: Ranking Lower Than Regional Peers, Despite Strong Potential

Paru le lundi, 15 janvier 2024 14:53

Cameroon's military power remains adrift of its Central African neighbors and lags behind global leaders, according to the latest ranking by Global Firepower (GFP). The annual index, released last week, places Cameroon 104th out of 145 countries, raising questions about the Central African nation's defense capabilities.

Within Africa, Cameroon fares slightly better, standing at 19th. However, it trails significantly behind regional powerhouses Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa, the continent's top three. Even within the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) zone, Cameroon holds only second place, surpassed by Chad's 14th position.

GFP's ranking system, known as the PowerIndex, incorporates over 50 factors, including troop numbers, equipment, vehicles, logistics, financial resources, and geographic positioning. Cameroon's score of 2.0599 on this scale (where 0.0000 represents the strongest military) highlights deficiencies despite the country's sizeable force and strategic location.

The report points to Cameroon's inadequate defense investment as a key factor behind its ranking. Despite its geographical advantage and manpower, Cameroon's military budget falls short of what's needed to compete effectively in the region, it adds.

The gap between Cameroon and top-ranked nations is vast. The United States, with a score of 0.0699, retains its dominant position, followed closely by Russia (0.0702) and China (0.0706).

Michel Ange Nga

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