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Conflicts, Covid-19 increase drug use in NoSo and Far-North

Conflicts, Covid-19 increase drug use in NoSo and Far-North

Paru le vendredi, 15 juillet 2022 16:04

Drug use has significantly increased in the Northwest, Southwest, and Far North. "From 10% in 2017, and then 22% in 2019, the number of drug users in the regions where the security crisis is raging has risen to more than 43% of new cases in 2021," the Ministry of Public Health revealed in a recent report.

"It is obvious that the security and health crises and the resulting consequences (stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders...) expose the most fragile to the overconsumption of alcohol and various drugs," the department said. The 2020 Report on the epidemic of psychoactive and addictive substance abuse reveals that cannabis (43.19%), tobacco (19.84%), and alcohol (15.17%) are the most used drugs.

"Young people aged 23 years are the ones that consume drugs the most. And most of them are in urban areas (72.10%)," says the report. In 2021, nearly 1,000 new consumers were registered in the centers for care, support, and prevention in addictology (Csapa). On July 6, the government reiterated its commitment to continue to increase awareness of drug-related problems, in particular by strengthening prevention activities in schools, where the use of narcotics and other psychotropic substances is reaching alarming proportions.


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