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Nachtigal Boat Incident: High River Flow Complicates Rescue Operations (NHPC)

Nachtigal Boat Incident: High River Flow Complicates Rescue Operations (NHPC)

Paru le vendredi, 15 septembre 2023 16:08

Two weeks after a boat belonging to a Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC) subcontractor sank on the Sanaga River, the search continues for the two employees still missing. The company insists that all human and logistical resources have been mobilized to find the two employees but operations are complicated by the very strong flow of the river. 

"In the search for Victor and Laurent, we are experiencing some difficulties. The water flow is very high, almost 1,300 metric cubes per second," Jean Baptiste Ebikétié, head of security at the NHPC, said on state TV CRTV. Another difficulty, he says, is that "this river is dotted with rapids, but also with numerous islets with lush vegetation, which makes it difficult even for drones to intervene.” 

Despite these difficulties, we are continuing to mobilize all our human and material resources to find these two employees. This is important for us. It's also important for the families and all the staff involved in this project,” he said. 

The boat was carrying five people. Three of them were rescued. On September 6, NHPC confirmed the disappearance of the remaining two employees. Since then, rescue missions have been organized to try and find them. Search operations are being carried out by the Navy's combat divers, the fire department, and the national gendarmerie, according to CRTV.


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