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With more than 5 million inhabitants, Yaoundé and Douala have only 2% of public hospitals

With more than 5 million inhabitants, Yaoundé and Douala have only 2% of public hospitals

Paru le mercredi, 16 décembre 2020 04:21

Yaoundé and Douala, the two largest cities in Cameroon, which alone are home to more than five million inhabitants out of nearly 25 million Cameroonians, have only 2% of public hospitals in the country.

This data was presented by the Minister of Public Health (Minsanté) Manaouda Malachie, during a briefing session on "Government policy on health infrastructure development: state of play and prospects."

Manaouda Malachie examined the state of the health care offer and health services in Cameroon, the prospects for modernizing the health map, and the constraints. Also, the political capital and the major economic metropolis suffer from a glaring deficit of public health facilities offering basic health services and care.

While they respectively account for 17% and 14% of all health facilities in the country, they only have 2% of public health facilities. This means that in these two metropolises, the supply of health care and services is dominated by private for-profit health facilities: 85% in Yaoundé, and 84% in Douala. 

The economic capital, which is home to 22% of health facilities of all statuses, has only 8% of public health facilities. The North and Far North regions for 86%, Adamaoua for 72%, and the East for 71% are dependent on public health facilities.

Coverage in public health facilities is average in the South (66%), Southwest (63%), Northwest (60%), Central, excluding Yaoundé (55%), West (54%), and Coastal, excluding Douala (52%).

Cameroon has six 1st category health facilities or general hospitals and assimilated, five 2nd category health facilities or hospitals and assimilated, fifteen 3rd category health facilities or regional hospitals and assimilated, 179 5th category health facilities or district medical centers, 2,412 6th category health facilities or integrated health centers.

The Minister of Health notes that overall, the density of health facilities at the national level is about 4,227 inhabitants/formation all statuses combined, and 9,113 inhabitants/public health facility.


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