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University of Yaounde II-Soa: 164 candidates in the second wave of Ph.D. holders' recruitment

University of Yaounde II-Soa: 164 candidates in the second wave of Ph.D. holders' recruitment

Paru le jeudi, 17 septembre 2020 14:49

The Consultative Commission for the Recruitment of Assistants of the University of Yaounde II-Soa met on September 16. The work chaired by Adolphe Minkoa She, Rector of this university institution, consisted of examining the records of candidates competing for the second wave of the recruitment of Ph.D. holders in state universities. “This is a delicate operation that calls for a lot of seriousness because many candidates want to reach the end of the process,” explained the rector.

Out of a total of 164 applications, the commission selected 56 representing the number of positions allocated to the University of Yaounde II-Soa under the second phase of the special recruitment of Ph.D-holding lecturers.

In detail, 33 candidates were selected for the Faculty of Law and Political Science, against 15 for the Faculty of Economics and Management. At the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC), three candidates were validated. Three others were selected for the Higher School of Information and Communication Sciences and Techniques (ESSTIC). While two applicants were recruited for the Institute of Training and Demographic Research (IFORD).

According to the procedure in force, the records of pre-selected candidates must still undergo two more assessments before their recruitment is confirmed. The first is done at the Ministry of Higher Education where the Technical Commission for Recruitment is based. The second is done by the Central Recruitment Commission with the Prime Minister's office.

The operation of special recruitment of Ph.D-holding lecturers in the civil service was instructed by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, in October 2018. In its first phase, 1,237 lecturers were selected, including 135 for the University of Yaounde II-Soa.


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