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Weather: DMN warns of increased risk of certain infectious diseases

Weather: DMN warns of increased risk of certain infectious diseases

Paru le mardi, 17 octobre 2023 15:39

Earlier today, the Department of National Meteorology (DMN) issued a climate-health bulletin warning of diseases linked to the current rainy weather in certain regions of the country. According to the DMN, "the risk of malaria will be high in certain parts of the North, South-West, Littoral, and Far-North regions, where the spatial distribution of mosquitoes will be high.”  “Nevertheless, the risk of malaria would remain moderate in certain localities in the northern and southern parts of the country. The risk will be low in parts of the West and North West regions,” the bulletin adds. 

Talking of cholera, the department explains that there is a high risk in the North, Littoral, Centre, and South West regions. This risk is due to "the vulnerability of these areas to water contamination from insalubrity and flooding caused by heavy rainfall.” 

The risk of proliferation of meningitis and respiratory diseases is linked to "wind patterns and the concentration of dust particles in the air."

Overall, the DMN predicts that rainfall and humidity will increase this month. "Malaria and cholera attacks will continue to intensify in certain regions of the country whereas the risk of meningitis contamination will increase in parts of the Far North,” it indicates. 


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