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Northern region: Dust cloud reported in the Far North

Northern region: Dust cloud reported in the Far North

Paru le mardi, 18 janvier 2022 17:40

A dust cloud was reported in the Far North. It was previously forecasted last January 15 by the National Meteorological Department (DMN). "The Far North region has been crossed via the department of Logone-et-Chari by a huge cloud of Saharan dust from central Chad carried by the Harmattan and will continue to move towards the south of the country," the MND reported today.

"It (the cloud, ed) will gradually migrate by decreasing in thickness towards the North and Adamaoua. The dust storm that has developed in Chad, associated with moderate winds, "will significantly reduce visibility and deteriorate air quality, exposing people to illness and other respiratory diseases," the weather report reads.

In December 2021, the MND warned about the arrival of this dust cloud carried by the trade winds. The weather service forecasted dry air and a foggy atmosphere. It recommends "drinking enough water, limiting outdoor activities, and wearing a face mask regularly."


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