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New initiative “Wild Cameroon” uses television to promote environmental protection in Cameroon

New initiative “Wild Cameroon” uses television to promote environmental protection in Cameroon

Paru le lundi, 19 février 2024 11:37

TV channel Vision 4 is set to debut a new talk show, "Wild Cameroon," aimed at raising public awareness about critical environmental issues. Launching in March, the program is a collaboration with WildAid, an international NGO focused on protecting endangered species.

"Our goal is to highlight the importance of wildlife conservation, inspire a new generation of environmental defenders, and inform Cameroonians about the urgency of protecting our natural heritage," said Jennifer Biffot, WildAid's representative for Francophone Africa, at the program's launch on Friday.

Each 45-minute monthly episode will tackle "hot" topics around conservation, featuring a central guest alongside government officials, industry representatives, and everyday citizens. The first episode will spotlight wildlife crime in Cameroon, a major threat with environmental and economic consequences.

Journalist and activist Marie Bernadette Kafka will host the program. "I am thrilled to lead this important initiative," she said.

Biffot explained that iconic African wildlife, including Cameroon's pangolins and primates, face numerous threats, with pressure from illegal hunting, climate change, and habitat loss, pushing many species towards extinction. "Wild Cameroon" aims to provide a platform for leading conservationists to share their work and stimulate discussions on critical environmental issues.

While proposed to other media outlets, only Vision 4 embraced the project. "We're proud to be pioneers, contributing to a crucial cause," said Boney Philippe, Vision 4's director. "We want to be part of raising awareness and ensuring future generations understand the need to protect our environment."

Patricia Ngo Ngouem

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