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Yaoundé hosts international seminar on enhancing primary-to-secondary education transition in Africa

Yaoundé hosts international seminar on enhancing primary-to-secondary education transition in Africa

Paru le lundi, 19 février 2024 11:43

An international seminar held in Yaoundé from February 14-16 explored solutions to improve the transition from primary to secondary school in Cameroon, where one in three children who complete primary education drop out before reaching high school.

The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) organized the event, bringing together researchers, policymakers, and experts to discuss findings from nine research projects funded by the "Apprendre" program. This initiative, supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), aims to improve teacher training and address challenges in primary and secondary education across 26 French-speaking countries.

According to Adams Oyono, Secretary General of Cameroon's Ministry of Basic Education (Minedbub), despite national and international commitments to free and equal education, many children struggle to make the jump to secondary school, often due to socio-economic factors.

Christian Zamo, a researcher from the University of Yaoundé II who presented his study on the transition environment, highlighted that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly vulnerable. Costs associated with schooling, even after abolishing fees in public primary schools, and long distances to school can force some children into tutoring arrangements that may not be conducive to learning.

Zamo's research, along with others presented at the seminar, offered policy recommendations to address these bottlenecks and promote gender equality in education.

"The research results will help us identify the root causes of dropouts, providing decision-makers with evidence-based data to shape effective public policies," said Virginie Dago, AFD's Director in Cameroon. Since 2018, the "Apprendre" program has been working with partner countries to improve the quality of education through better teacher training.

The Yaoundé seminar provided a crucial platform to share research findings and discuss potential solutions to a critical challenge in Cameroon's education system. By addressing the gaps in the primary-to-secondary transition, the country can work towards achieving its goal of quality education for all children.

Patricia Ngo Ngouem

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