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Current Weather is Favorable for Cattle Farming, Risky for Piglets (DMN)

Current Weather is Favorable for Cattle Farming, Risky for Piglets (DMN)

Paru le jeudi, 19 octobre 2023 15:20

In its recent Meteorological Bulletin for Livestock, the Department of National Meteorology (DMN) announces that thermal conditions are likely to be conducive for cattle production throughout Cameroon. The DMN recommends farmers should "feed their cattle well to boost production, and regularly check the daily weather forecasts.”

As far as pig farming is concerned, the southern hemisphere will enjoy favorable temperatures. However, warns the DMN, there are temperature limit risks for less than 2-week-old piglets in the North-West and West regions. "It is therefore recommended that piglets be kept warm, to protect them from the expected cool weather,” the department says.  

The thermal conditions are also expected to be favorable for poultry farming in all regions. 

Overall, the livestock sector will witness an increase in production between October and December, thanks to a favorable climate, the central bank BEAC forecasted in a recent economic outlook. According to the BEAC, the forecast is based on the prospects for the “rainy season, which stimulates the emergence and bolting of herbaceous plants."

The Meteorological Bulletin for Livestock is a recent addition to the DMN product and services. It aims to provide rural institutions, pastoral industries, and private individuals with weather forecasts and advice linked to the state of fatness and variations in animal production. Apart from the livestock bulletin, the DMN also issues agrometeorological bulletin for agricultural weather forecasts.


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