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Cameroon: 80+ Women Murdered by Their Partners This Year (Minister Atanga Nji)

Cameroon: 80+ Women Murdered by Their Partners This Year (Minister Atanga Nji)

Paru le mercredi, 20 décembre 2023 12:00

During the opening speech at the second biannual governors' conference in Yaoundé yesterday, Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji disclosed a disturbing trend, stating that "more than 80 women or young girls, whether married, cohabiting, or in common-law relationships, have fallen victim to violence and murder at the hands of their spouses since the beginning of this year in Cameroon."

Minister Paul Atanga Nji highlighted a concerning pattern in the motives behind these tragic incidents, emphasizing that the perpetrators often cite reasons such as verbal aggression or alleged infidelity on the part of the victims. In some cases, women have expressed grievances related to compatibility issues.

The government official emphasized that there could be no justification for the murder of a woman by her spouse. He also underscored the fundamental duty of men to protect their wives or partners, condemning the taking of their lives as a criminal act, irrespective of the alleged reasons.

Despite a surge in reports on social media documenting cases of women suffering abuse and fatal violence at the hands of their partners since the beginning of the year, authorities have been slow to address these tragedies. The Minister for Women and the Family has notably remained silent on the matter.

Yet, according to the Minister of Territorial Administration, "this highly reprehensible phenomenon seems to be gaining ground [...] reflecting the rise of violence in family relationships" in Cameroon.


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