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The National Gendarmerie bets on 2nd gen radars to reduce nighttime accidents

The National Gendarmerie bets on 2nd gen radars to reduce nighttime accidents

Paru le lundi, 21 février 2022 17:41

Today, February 21, 2022, the national gendarmerie has completed a 4-day test of its new high-tech radar on the Yaoundé-Douala axis. "The gendarmerie has changed its equipment. The device we are using today is Turcam, a second-generation device, which allows us to flash vehicles at night. It gives clear images as if it was daytime," explains Squadron Leader Emmanuel Bamuh, the commander of Road Traffic Group 1.

The objective of this technological leap is to reduce the number of accidents caused by overspeeding on the main intercity roads in Cameroon. According to Squadron Leader Emmanuel Bamuh, about 80% of traffic accidents occur at night. The technological leap is not fortuitous. The old radar used by the gendarmerie was ineffective after 7 pm. As a result, drivers resume their carelessness at nighttime.  

The gendarmes recall that the fatal accident that occurred in Loum, on the Nkongsamba-Douala axis during the night of February 14 to 15, 2022, is evidence of what happens on the roads at night. Initial investigations prove the vehicles that collided were overspeeding.   

"The message that the gendarmerie wants to pass is that today, with this new technology, we are all set. Road users must now be aware that the time when they used to drive anyhow at night time is over,”  said Emmanuel Bamuh.

He insists road users should respect rules because the national gendarmerie is keeping a watchful eye on major city roads day and night.  

Michel Ange Nga

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