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Malaria: US hails Cameroon's response with XAF18B funding

Malaria: US hails Cameroon's response with XAF18B funding

Paru le jeudi, 21 mars 2024 12:21

The U.S. government's malaria coordinator, David Walton (photo), praised Cameroon's efforts to combat the disease during a meeting with Minister of External Relations Lejeune Mbella Mbella, last week.

Walton commended Cameroonian authorities for initiating a comprehensive malaria vaccination campaign earlier this year. He also noted the country's consistent distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets to its most vulnerable citizens.

In a show of solidarity, the 11 countries most impacted by malaria have signed the Yaoundé Declaration in Cameroon's capital, committing to a united front against the disease.

Beyond mere words of support, Walton inaugurated the "Sembe I" project in the Far North region, one of the areas most severely affected by malaria. The XAF18 billion project is executed by local organizations, over five years, to tackle the disease in this region.


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