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Diplomacy: N'Djamena Sends Mission to Assess Security of Chadian Students in Cameroon

Diplomacy: N'Djamena Sends Mission to Assess Security of Chadian Students in Cameroon

Paru le jeudi, 21 mars 2024 14:13

A Chadian inter-ministerial delegation arrived in Cameroon on March 17 to assess the security situation of Chadian students residing in the country. The delegation, a joint mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chadians Abroad and the Ministry of Public Security and Immigration, is led by Mboudou Seid, Director General of Administration, Legal Affairs and Chadians Abroad.

The mission is conducting working sessions with the Chadian ambassador to Cameroon, Cameroonian authorities, and Chadian nationals to thoroughly examine the challenges they face. The discussions have focused on the rise in assault, kidnapping, and murder cases, as well as road harassment endured by Chadian citizens, according to a statement on the Chadian diplomacy’s Facebook page.

According to Seid, Chadian authorities are taking this opportunity to directly hear the concerns of Chadian compatriots in Cameroon and collaborate with Cameroonian authorities to find solutions.

The delegation will visit several regions, including Yaoundé, Douala, Dschang, Ngaoundéré, Garoua, and Maroua, where large communities of Chadian nationals reside. The mission was prompted by complaints from parents of Chadian students about their children’s security situation in Cameroon, leading Chad to deploy a mission to address these issues.


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