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Laquintinie Hospital's Monthly Revenues Soar 125% to XAF500mln in Three Years

Laquintinie Hospital's Monthly Revenues Soar 125% to XAF500mln in Three Years

Paru le mardi, 21 novembre 2023 13:02

Over the past three years, Laquintinie Hospital’s revenues have risen steadily, according to Professor Noël Emmanuel Essomba, director of the hospital.  Speaking at the hospital’s fourth general assembly last week, the hospital executive indicated that when he was appointed in July 2020, the hospital’s monthly revenues were averaging XAF220 million. Three years later, they are over XAF500 million. 

Professor Noël Emmanuel Essomba explains that this performance is due to improved revenue-securing policies. He adds that thanks to the improved financial performance, the hospital was able to improve staff salary treatment and even double staff size (from 800 in 2020 to almost 1,800 presently) with salaries paid out “every month.” 

The executive wants to further improve performance by modernizing existing payment systems. In the next few days, he is expected to announce several innovations designed to boost performance. Those innovations include integrating mobile money payments to reduce queues at cash registers.  

First Pacemaker implant

Professor Noël Emmanuel Essomba believes this financial performance has contributed to Laquitinie’s success.  Indeed, the hospital has been in the spotlight for some years now, usually earning praise from the Minister of Public Health (Minsante), Malachie Manaouda. For instance, last October, Minsante took to his Twitter page to celebrate when a team from the cardiology department successfully performed the first-ever pacemaker implant in the hospital. 

For Noël Emmanuel Essomba, the operation was completed thanks to the improvement of the hospital’s technical facilities. Indeed, a few months ago, the hospital inaugurated its first hemodialysis center. The director also announced the forthcoming inauguration of a radiotherapy center. 

Laquintinie already boasts a state-of-the-art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and two CT scanners. According to the director, it will also welcome heavy neurology equipment and many state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. 

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