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Arch Samuel Kleda now exports his Covid-19 herbal remedies

Arch Samuel Kleda now exports his Covid-19 herbal remedies

Paru le lundi, 22 mars 2021 16:16

The Catholic Health Association of Cameroon (OCASC) now exports Elixir Covid and Adsak Covid, the two herbal remedies developed by Archbishop Samuel Kleda (Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala) against Covid-19.  In a release signed on March 17, 2021, Dr. Marius Macaire Biloa (national coordinator of the OCASC) informed that the medicine will be sold at XAF20,000 outside Cameroon.

Meanwhile, in Cameroon, they are offered free of charge after consultation and laboratory tests in one of the dozen Catholic health facilities located in Douala and Yaoundé, the country's two largest cities where most of the positive COVID-19 cases can be found.

According to the Archbishop’s team, by end-January 2021, over 10,000 patients were treated and relieved from their pains thanks to the herbal remedies.

In Cameroon, herbal medicines can now be used to treat covid-19 when the patient requires so. Indeed, In his speech to the nation on May 19, 2020, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, encouraged "all efforts geared towards developing an endogenous cure for COVID-19."  Also, on March 18, 2021, during the weekly meeting to review the government response against the COVID-19 pandemic,  health facilities were authorized to include herbal medicines in COVID-19 treatment plants if the patient requests them. This authorization is a beneficial option since almost all the centers approved as Covid-19 treatment centers are experiencing shortages of the medicines authorized in the official treatment protocol.  


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