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Same-Sex Civil Unions: Cameroonian Faithful React to Pope Francis' Proposal

Same-Sex Civil Unions: Cameroonian Faithful React to Pope Francis' Proposal

Paru le vendredi, 22 décembre 2023 11:08

On December 18th, a Vatican’s doctrinal declaration authorized blessings for same-sex couples. This sparked contrasting reactions across Africa and above all in Cameroon, a predominantly Catholic nation. While some welcomed the move as a step towards inclusivity, others expressed concerns and opposition.

Vanessa Ongmetana, a member of Opus Dei, voiced strong disapproval. "The Pope's decision is concerning," she stated. "Does this mean condoning a lifestyle deemed sinful by the Church?"

In conveying this decision, the Vatican clarified, as our source emphasized, that these blessings cannot take place during a mass. Additionally, Rome underscored that Pope Francis' approval does not extend to same-sex marriages. Blessings are intended to occur at sanctuaries, during meetings with a priest, during group prayers, or a pilgrimage.

While expressing dissent over this ruling, Vanessa Ongmetana contends that the Vatican's communication has been lacking. She points out that a significant portion of the Catholic faithful is dismayed by the Church's stance against same-sex marriages. Various church leaders have also weighed in on the matter, with Ludovic Lado stating on his Facebook page, "In conscience, I will not bless a same-sex couple because the Bible and my culture condemn homosexuality."

The outcry against the blessing of same-sex couples in Cameroon and throughout Africa is not unexpected. The continent's bishops collectively opposed homosexuality during the 16th synod held in Rome last October. Similarly, in a 2013 statement in Sangmelima, the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (Cenc) declared, "Homosexuality distorts human anthropology and diminishes the significance of sexuality, marriage, and the family—the bedrock of society."

Michel Ange Nga

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