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Yaounde: Disciplinary Measure Sparks Chaos at High School

Yaounde: Disciplinary Measure Sparks Chaos at High School

Paru le mardi, 23 janvier 2024 16:40

Violent protests erupted at the Government Bilingual High School Etoug-Ebe in Yaoundé on Monday morning, leading to injuries, material damage, and an official investigation. The unrest stemmed from a new school policy requiring punctual attendance.

The incident was reportedly triggered by a decision announced last Thursday by the school principal. Aiming to improve punctuality and avoid delays in flag-raising ceremonies, the policy mandated an earlier school closure at 7:00 AM. Latecomers would face an eight-hour absence penalty.

Fearing the penalty, some students attempted to enter the school after the gate closed at 7:00 AM. The resulting confrontation escalated into a stampede and scuffle, documented in videos circulating online. Students were seen throwing stones and vandalizing the principal's vehicle. Several injured pupils were transported to nearby hospitals.

Local authorities responded quickly, with the Senior Divisional Officer of the Mfoundi department, Emmanuel Djikdent, dismissing rumors of fatalities. He confirmed that 21 pupils received medical attention but assured their lives were not in danger. The Minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachie, tweeted that 106 people were treated for injuries related to the incident at no cost.

Djikdent also condemned acts of vandalism against vehicles on the school premises, allegedly perpetrated by individuals not enrolled at the bilingual high school. An investigation into the incident is underway.


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