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Forestry Ministry Plants Trees at Mbankolo Landslide Site for Erosion Prevention

Forestry Ministry Plants Trees at Mbankolo Landslide Site for Erosion Prevention

Paru le samedi, 23 mars 2024 03:33

On 8 October 2023, a hillside collapse in the Mbankolo district of Yaoundé resulted in at least 28 confirmed deaths and several missing persons. To commemorate International Forest Day on 21 March, Jules Doret Ndongo, the Minister for Forests and Wildlife, visited the site to plant trees, accompanied by the Governor of the Centre Region, Paul Naseri Bea, and the Congolese Ambassador to Cameroon, Louis-Marie Magloire Nkoum-Me-Ntseny.

Ndongo stated that the site was chosen as a symbol of ecological vulnerability to landslides, erosion, and flooding, which can occur in other districts and towns in the country. The tragedy was triggered by the breach of a dyke holding back the waters of an artificial lake, which had swollen after several days of torrential rain. The choice  of the Mbankolo site aligns with this year’s theme: “Forests and innovation: new solutions for a Better world,” he explained.

The tree planting initiative aims to protect local residents from potential erosion and landslides during the rainy season. “The Ministry of Forests and Wildlife has chosen this date to contribute by planting special species to stabilize the soil and prevent further landslides,” Ndongo told national radio CRTV. He assured that his department would continue maintenance activities beyond planting.

He also emphasised the need for collaboration with traditional chiefs, decentralized local authorities, NGOs, and the local population to continue the necessary work of soil stabilization and tree planting. He highlighted that trees are not only a tool in the fight against climate change but also a tool for economic development in the country.

Patricia Ngo Ngouem

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