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Health workers-government meeting ends with no agreement, and the strike continues

Health workers-government meeting ends with no agreement, and the strike continues

Paru le mardi, 23 mai 2023 14:58

Louis Richard Njock, SG of the Ministry of Public Health, recently met with health workers in Cameroon to find common ground and put an end to the ongoing strike. However, Sylvain Nga Onana, who Heads a worker’s union, said the meeting was fruitless and the strike will continue. Media sources confirm the news.

The strikers believe only talks with the Prime Minister will lead to a fair agreement. CAP/Santé, one of the two unions behind the strike, demands that contracts be signed for 27,000 temporary staff in public health facilities. They represent 60% of the workforce, according to Sylvain Nga Onana, Head of CAP/Santé.

"They live in poor conditions, often paid below the minimum wage. Some of them already have 18 years of service as temporary workers," he said. Overall, strikers have 17 demands, including enrollment to the National Social Security Fund (CNPS) and the payment of quotas.

This strike launched by CAP/Santé and the National Union of Medical and Health Personnel of Cameroon (Sympens) began yesterday May 22. Strikers were called to sit on the sidewalk in front of public health facilities between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., five hours every day. After one day on strike, the unionists revised their strategy. From now on, the strikers will leave the sidewalk to demonstrate within the health facilities, the regional health delegations, and the health department.

 Michel Ange Nga 

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