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Competitive exams: Minfopra ups fees for FY2023

Competitive exams: Minfopra ups fees for FY2023

Paru le vendredi, 23 juin 2023 14:12

This year, candidates registering for the various competitive examinations organized by the Ministry of Administrative Reform (Minfopra) will have to pay slightly higher fees. The fees will rise from CFAF15,000 to CFAF25,000 for category A and B examinations and from CFAF15,000 to 20,000 for category C and D examinations, we learn. This represents an increase of CFAF10,000 and 5,000 respectively.

According to Minister of Administrative Reforms Joseph Le (photo), the fees were increased per Article 28 of the current year’s finance law. It is part of the measures issued to optimize non-tax revenues, “as described in the circular from the Minister of Finance, relating to the execution of finance laws, and the monitoring and control of the execution of the budget of the State and other public entities for the 2023 financial year," Minister Joseph Le (photo) adds. 

The government official indicates that the fee increase is the Minfopra’s way to contribute to the financing of the State budget, like other public administrations, through non-tax revenues. Indeed, Article 5 of a December 21, 2022, decree from the Ministry of Finance specifies how competitive examination fees must be spent. 

The decree indicates that 60% of the fees collected are to be used by the Minfopra to organize the examinations and 40% should be paid to the public treasury. This year, the State wants to recruit 2,235 individuals via direct competitive examinations and 450 via professional competitive examinations, which had been suspended since 2019. 


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