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Separatist Leader Capo Daniel Justifies Bamenyam Attack That Claimed Nine Lives

Separatist Leader Capo Daniel Justifies Bamenyam Attack That Claimed Nine Lives

Paru le jeudi, 23 novembre 2023 18:16

In a six-minute video posted on Facebook, foreign-based separatist leader Capo Daniel (photo) addressed the recent attack on the small market of Bamenyam, in the Western region. The attackers "have simply taken advantage of the situation that was prevailing there due to the failure of the regime  [...] in that part of the country. A successful operation has been carried out that was targeting a Cameroon military presence in that particular locality,” he said. 

Daniel, who introduces himself as the Ambazonian People's Rights Advocate Platform leader, declared the attack a "clear message to the Yaounde regime that is delusional [and] creating a reality of its own that things have come back to normal.”  

The attack on Bamenyam took place on Tuesday, November 21 at around 7 a.m., according to a press release issued by the Minister of Communication. According to René Emmanuel Sadi, the incursion into the Western region was carried out by a separatist militia from Balikumbat, in the northwest border region, where a separatist conflict has been raging since 2017. The attack left 9 people dead, according to the government.

Capo Daniel justified the attack, characterizing it as a pressure tactic aimed at forcing Yaoundé to seek a solution to the crisis. "The President of Cameroon should understand that while it was reckless for him to start this war, it would require courage [and] love for humanity for him to make up his mind to bring concrete modalities that can lead to substantial negotiations to end this war,” he stated adding: “There will be no military victory for Cameroon [...] and citizens will increasingly pay the price for this reckless war.”

Despite these claims, the authorities maintain that they have made significant concessions since the crisis began in late 2016. The Anglophone crisis was sparked by protests by lawyers and teachers from the English-speaking regions, who felt marginalized in their respective areas. In response to the riots, the government implemented measures to achieve a fairer representation of anglophones at the National School of Administration and Magistracy (Enam). Additionally, the President established a Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission to promote the equality of the two national languages, English and French. In a further effort to address the crisis, the President organized the Major National Dialogue in late 2019, which enshrined the special status granted to the crisis regions of the North-West and South-West.

Despite these efforts, separatists have continued their attacks on the army and civilians. According to international organizations, the conflict has already claimed over 6,000 lives.

Ludovic Amara  

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