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UNHCR seeks CFA58bln francs to assist Cameroonian refugees in Chad

UNHCR seeks CFA58bln francs to assist Cameroonian refugees in Chad

Paru le mardi, 24 mai 2022 16:26

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced its intention to assist 45,000 Cameroonians who took refuge in Chad while fleeing the intercommunal clashes in Kousseri by the end of 2021.

UNHCR estimated the financial needs as part of this Refugee Response Plan (RRP) at $95 million, a little more than CFA58 billion, for 2022 alone.

"Despite the generosity of host communities and the humanitarian assistance provided in Chad, the Cameroonian refugee populations are living in harsh conditions with varying degrees of insecurity depending on the area in which they live and the level of assistance they receive," the UN body said.

"With support from the government of Chad, this refugee response plan implements a protection-oriented multisectoral response. It relies on emergency humanitarian assistance, and promotes opportunities for durable solutions and empowerment," added UNHCR experts. On the ground, the RRP will provide Cameroonian refugees with better protection to minimize the risks of exploitation and child labor, gender-based violence, abuse, and early pregnancy.

For the education component, the UN agency already met with officials from Chad's National Education Examinations Office (Onecs) to ensure that Cameroonian refugees would have access to official exams this year.  UNHCR will also focus on providing food, shelter, and health assistance to the refugees. It has already mobilized 53 partners, including UN agencies such as WHO, WFP, and UNESCO as well as international NGOs such as Oxfam and other local organizations to help in the project. The World Bank is also involved.

Michel Ange Nga

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