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Douala: CUD Unveils Operation "Clean City" to Combat Insalubrity

Douala: CUD Unveils Operation "Clean City" to Combat Insalubrity

Paru le mardi, 24 octobre 2023 14:46

Earlier today, October 24, Roger Mbassa Ndine, mayor of the Urban Community of Douala (CUD) presented the city's plan to combat urban insalubrity. Dubbed "Douala Clean City", the plan aims to "combat insalubrity and promote sanitation in the city of Douala, so that it once again becomes a model in Cameroon, but also in the sub-region," the mayor explains.

To achieve the stated goals, the CUD wants to improve the responsiveness of the waste collection system by providing "Smart City" resources, reorganizing pre-collection and household waste collection rounds, and stepping up the fight against incivism. The plan also includes initiatives to raise public awareness of urban sanitation.

"October 31, 2023, will mark the operational phase of this project and will see the deployment of CUD teams, security forces, and all the stakeholders involved in the sanitation chain. Every corner of our city will be systematically cleaned and cleared," Mayor Roger Mbassa Ndine announced. 


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