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Far North: Intercommunal clashes cause at least four deaths in Mora

Far North: Intercommunal clashes cause at least four deaths in Mora

Paru le mardi, 25 juillet 2023 18:24

Warba, in the town of Mora, in the Far North was the scene of clashes between two communities on Sunday, July 23. According to local sources, it all stemmed from a land dispute between Christian, animist, and Muslim communities. "On July 22, at around 6 pm, following a mobilization of people unhappy with the way the dispute was being managed, the canton chief (2nd degree) fired a warning shot with his homemade gun. This triggered widespread dissent," reports the regional news network Humanity Purpose. Unofficial reports put the death toll at 4, with a dozen more injured.

Images circulating on social networks show ransacked shops in what is described as the village of Warba, and other sources mention burned houses and motorcycles, etc. In addition, video clips show men armed with machetes searching for other people. For the time being, there has been no communication on these events, which are said to have lasted three days.

The Far North region is regularly plagued by intercommunity clashes. In 2021 and 2022, clashes pitted several communities against each other in the Logone et Chari department. These involved mainly Choa Arab herders and Mousgoum farmers, but also the Kotoko. These clashes resulted in dozens of deaths and thousands of internally displaced people and other refugees.


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