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Young Teachers are More Supportive of 'Dead Chalk' Operation, old-timer says

Young Teachers are More Supportive of 'Dead Chalk' Operation, old-timer says

Paru le lundi, 25 septembre 2023 13:40

It is legitimate for the collective On A Trop Supporté (OTS) to hold strikes in schools to get the government to fulfill the commitment it made since last year, a teacher in his forties told Stop Bla Bla CAM. The source nevertheless feels unconcerned by the call to strike issued by the collective: "For years, I've been regularly receiving my salary and bonuses," he said.

Unlike this teacher who feels he is not concerned by the strike, at a secondary school in Bertoua, in the East, several young teachers have chosen to take part in the “dead chalk” operation launched by the OTS earlier this month.  "In my school, the colleagues who are most interested in this strike are young people. We the old-timers are watching it from a distance," says our source.

He is not the only one making that remark. In Yaoundé, a teacher speaking on condition of anonymity confirms that young teachers are the most enthusiastic about the strike because they are concerned by the demands. He also admits that there are other reasons explaining why young teachers are most supportive of the “dead chalk” operation. “Older people are afraid of being posted far from their families, but young people are not afraid of that,” he said.  

Michel Ange Nga

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