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Anglophone Crisis: Influential Separatist Leader 'General RK' Killed

Anglophone Crisis: Influential Separatist Leader 'General RK' Killed

Paru le mardi, 26 septembre 2023 14:18

“General RK”, the leader of the British Southern Cameroon Resistance Force (BSCRF) was killed on Saturday, September 23 at Fundong in the Boyo division, according to corroborating sources. He was reportedly killed along with six other fellow soldiers, including his second-in-command, Njimbeh Jackson, better known as "Colonel Jackson."

The circumstances surrounding the death of "General RK" (in white in the photo) are unclear since there is no official communication. However, in a Facebook post yesterday, Capo Daniel, the separatist leader commanding the militia from abroad, confirmed the death of the general, saying that he was betrayed. According to Capo Daniel, the head of the BSCRF was ambushed by the army in his entrenched camp, according to information provided by his militiamen.

“General RK", whose real name is Ralph Ngumba, was one of the first separatist fighters in the North-West region. He made a name for himself back in 2017 after forming one of the most organized separatist groupings, entrenched in the mountains of his native Mbuini. "General RK" was also known for parading around in his superior officer's jacket in front of his fighters.

His death adds to the long list of influential separatist commanders eliminated by the army in recent months. In 2022, the leader known as “Field Marshal” was killed. As for "General No Pity", who became famous for his spectacular attacks on military posts and patrols, he has not been seen for several months. According to some observers, he was killed during an army operation and his body was taken away by his fighters.


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