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The National Program For Moral Rearmament Innuagurates its Operational Center

The National Program For Moral Rearmament Innuagurates its Operational Center

Paru le vendredi, 27 octobre 2023 12:28

Earlier today, Minister of Youth Affairs (MINJEC) Mounouna Foutsou inaugurated the operational reference center of the National Civic Education Programme for Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Reamarment (PRONEC-REAMORCE).

Located in Nkolnda, on the outskirts of Yaoundé, the center comprises two buildings measuring 139.5 square meters each.  Each building has 12 rooms, 12 shower rooms, and 12 verandas, and can accommodate 200 people. The inauguration ceremony was accompanied by the signing of agreements between the PRONEC-REAMORCE, the Binguela Applied School of Agriculture, the vocational academy Top Chef, and the Bene chiefdom, where the mobilized youth will come from. 

The operational reference center will welcome the young people mobilized by the three partners and ensure the moral, civic, and entrepreneurial rearmament of the mobilized. It will also train the managers of the Top Chef vocational academy, the Binguela school, and the notables of the Bene group in the areas of youth supervision, and monitor and review the achievement of set goals. 

The other parties (Top Chef and others) will mobilize their students and other young people for their moral rearmament. They will also ensure the notables of the chiefdom and their managers are trained in the field of youth supervision and implement their newly-acquired expertise in their educational, socio-cultural, and sporting settings.

PRONEC-REAMORCE was launched by the Ministry of Youth Affairs in the Far North last February. According to Minister Mounouna Foutsou, it is “a pedagogical tool for civic, moral and entrepreneurial education adapted to the current needs of all segments of the population, to promote peace, social cohesion and living together."


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