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58th Youth Day: Government Encourages Young People to Embrace Import Substitution

58th Youth Day: Government Encourages Young People to Embrace Import Substitution

Paru le lundi, 29 janvier 2024 12:33

Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, unveiled the theme of the 58th National Youth Day: “Youth, Import Substitution, and Economic Patriotism for the Progress of Cameroon.” Foutsou emphasized that this theme represents a political direction that encourages youth to actively participate in boosting the nation’s economy through entrepreneurship and innovation, thereby reducing import dependence and enhancing domestic production and consumption capacity.

The government has been implementing an import-substitution policy for several years, aiming to stimulate local production and lessen reliance on imported goods. This policy not only affects the trade balance but also fosters the growth of local entrepreneurship.

Foutsou believes that this year’s Youth Day is an opportunity to underscore the importance of “economic patriotism.” He urges young people to promote the consumption of local products, support national businesses, and contribute to sustainable development, all in a spirit of national pride.

In celebration of Youth Week leading up to February 11, Minjec has organized various activities centered around this theme. Foutsou highlighted one of the major innovations of this edition: the inaugural World Youth Camp in Cameroon. The camp, expecting the participation of 5,000 young people from Cameroon and South Korea, will feature Mind-lecture, conferences, training academies, and an education and entrepreneurship forum.


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