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Douala: Catholic hospitals out of stock of the conventional medicine suggested by Mgr Kleda for Covid-19 treatment

Douala: Catholic hospitals out of stock of the conventional medicine suggested by Mgr Kleda for Covid-19 treatment

Paru le jeudi, 30 avril 2020 15:22

In Douala, the three catholic hospitals selected to follow up on patients undergoing the Covid-19 conventional medicine treatment (based on plant extracts) proposed by the Cameroonian prelate Mgr Samuel Kleda are out of stock of the said medicine.

Yesterday, April 29, people in search of the said treatment went to Codas Caritas, the social work branch of the Archdiocese of Douala, all to no avail. "I was there in the morning and they asked me to go and get my patient's medical file. When I came back, the gate was closed. After long minutes outside, a man told me that Dr. Kameni is no longer there and that the medicine is finished," one of them explained to the daily Mutations.

Artisanal production

 Dr. Kameni, Diocesan Health Coordinator at the Archdiocese of Douala confirmed the stockout. "We are currently out of stock. (…) The medicine is presently produced on a small scale,” he explains before reassuring that measures are being taken to ensure its availability “as soon as possible.”

This shortage occurs just days after the words of Mgr Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala and naturopathic doctor, published by several media. "We give the treatment free of charge. It is our way of helping alleviate people's suffering. None of the things we own belongs to us, all that we have belongs to the followers who come to see us and donate to us for charity purposes and the poor. The day we will not be able to buy things because the charity money is finished, I will say so,” he said.

Government’s support

This week, the government announced it will provide "support for the development and promotion of treatments derived from the traditional pharmacopoeia against COVID-19.” In that regard, Dr. Vandi Deli, the director of the pharmacy, medicine, and laboratories, visited Bishop Samuel Kleda in Douala on April 29, 2020. The aim of that mission assigned by Manaouda Malachie, the Minister of Public Health was "to ensure that Cameroonian populations will be able to benefit from quality, effective and safe treatment derived from our medicinal heritage."

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