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Smuggling: Navy Apprehends Two Boats near Limbe within a Month

Smuggling: Navy Apprehends Two Boats near Limbe within a Month

Paru le mardi, 31 octobre 2023 15:18

Today, the Cameroonian Navy reported the interception of the MV Nadine off the coast of Limbe (South-West region) on October 23. The vessel was found to be involved in illicit activities, specifically the fraudulent transportation of substantial amounts of construction materials. While the Navy did not disclose the origins of the ship, it is worth noting the substantial maritime trade between Cameroon and nearby Nigeria. The intercepted vessel, MV Nadine, was redirected by the Cameroonian patrol boat CNS Akwayafe and is currently under the jurisdiction of the commander of the Limbe naval base for further investigations.

Just over a month ago, on September 25, the deep-sea patrol vessel CNS Le Ntem boarded the tanker MV Sea Eunice off Limbe. According to the Navy, the vessel was guilty of "several offenses, including lack of registration and insurance, illegal immigration, and illegal bunkering."

It should also be noted that, as part of its efforts to secure Cameroon's Exclusive Economic Zone, the Fifinda patrol boat boarded a pirogue "from a neighboring country" on October 28, then diverted it to Limbe. The pirogue was carrying 58 drums, each containing 250 liters of diesel fuel (a total of 14,500 liters).


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