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Beware of the scammers pretending to be private agents acting on behalf of the Cameroonian embassy in Belgium

Paru le jeudi, 07 octobre 2021 12:19

In a note issued Monday, October 4, the Cameroonian ambassador to Belgium and the European Union informed that evil-minded individuals have been impersonating his collaborators to disseminate fake information. This note was issued after social media posts surfaced claiming that private agents acting on behalf of the Cameroonian embassy in Belgium could obtain national ID cards for users. 

According to the note, the social media posts are illustrated with pictures of the embassy staff taken from the embassy’s official Facebook page. So, the ambassador stressed that official documents like the national identity card and passports are delivered by the general directorate for national security. “No private institution is authorized to issue those official documents,” he added, asking the general populace to be alert and not to fall prey to those schemes devised to scam honest citizens. 

Let’s note that the services offered by the Cameroonian embassy to Belgium are listed on its official website and only the embassy is habilitated to handle all visa issues.  


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